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Submittals as of December 11, 2017

Approved Conditional Use Permits: None
Conditional Use Permits scheduled for review at this time: None

The following list outlines those locations for which a Conditional Use Permit has been filed to this date in the City of La Mesa.  The type of facility is noted.


CUP 17-01  8155 Center Street

CUP 17-02  6957 University Avenue

CUP 17-03  7323 El Cajon Boulevard

CUP 17-04  7180 University Avenue

CUP 17-05  8160 Parkway Drive

CUP 17-07  5555 Jackson Drive

CUP 17-10  8939 La Mesa Boulevard

CUP 17-16  7729 University Avenue

CUP 17-17  8300 Center Drive

CUP 17-22  8740 La Mesa Boulevard

CUP 17-23  8126 Center Street

CUP 17-31  7339 El Cajon Boulevard #E

CUP 17-39  8260 Parkway Drive

CUP 17-50  7472-7474 El Cajon Boulevard
CUP 17-85  8110 Commercial Street
CUP 17-86  5301 Lake Murray Boulevard
CUP 17-88  7901 Hillside Drive
CUP 17-90  8764 Campo Road
CUP 17-95  7935-7939 El Cajon Boulevard 
CUP 17-96  8760 Campo Road 
CUP 17-98  7170 University Avenue
CUP 17-99  7735 University Avenue

Cultivation Site

CUP 17-55  8140 Center Street
CUP 17-84  8185 Center Street
CUP 17-87  8250 Commercial Street

Manufacturing Site

CUP 17-56  8140 Center Street
CUP 17-91  8111 Commercial Street
CUP 17-92  8191 Center Street
CUP 17-93  8250 Commercial Street
CUP 17-94  8141 Center Street
CUP 17-100  8107-8109 Commercial Street *NEW

After submission of all required forms and payment of the $1,200 fee:
An Initial Clearance Letter will be mailed to the applicant. After receiving the Initial Clearance Letter from the City of La Mesa Planning Department, an applicant must submit the following items in order to continue the Conditional Use Permit analysis and process:
1. Copy of Initial Clearance letter
2. Balance of Conditional Use Permit Fees (see application forms and fee schedule)
3. Live Scan form (processed) or receipt for Live Scan

  • Live Scan Process Update
    The City of La Mesa had to undergo an additional process in order to receive sufficient results on the required Live Scan submittals. That process has been completed and you may now process the required personnel and owners through this process. Please select Live Scan Form to obtain the form. The applicant can print, complete, and return the form at the time of fingerprinting. Please note that if fingerprinting is accomplished at the La Mesa Police Department, a total of $175 for both the internal/local background check and the Live Scan DOJ and FBI checks can be paid at the same time and processed through the La Mesa Police Department together. If a third party Live Scan office is chosen, the remaining $106 in background fees must still be paid to the La Mesa Police Department.

    The La Mesa Police Department will need the names of all owners and all known employees to confirm that all of them have completed the background checks before the CUP is granted. This list must be consistent with the information submitted with the Conditional Use Permit applications. The owner list and a new list with all employees will be required to be submitted and reviewed prior to occupancy.

    As a reminder, the requirements are noted in the Application Forms, the Standard Criteria and the Additional Standard Criteria and are summarized below:

    Section B. – General Application
    Remaining balance of CUP Application non-refundable fee: $10,178
    Initial Police Background check: $106.00 per employee
    Live Scan fingerprinting process: third party or Police Department $69

    Section C. Medical Marijuana Maintenance and CUP Inspection Reports (after receiving entitlement and occupancy)
    CUP Inspections: $1,859 annually
    Annual Police Background $33 per employee
    Medical Marijuana Maintenance Reports: $18,800-24,480 annually

    Standard Criteria and Additional Standard Criteria
    • A complete application at a Section B phase must include a Live Scan Form (processed) or receipt from Live Scan check.
    • All employees or contracted employees of the organization are subject to a background check and evidence must be submitted prior to proceeding issuance of Business License.
    • All employees shall undergo a background check and any person who has been convicted of a felony may not be employed by or operate, manage, control or own a dispensary facility or premise.
    • All employees of the organization to which the Conditional Use Permit is issued shall be subject to a background check. Any person who has been convicted of a felony may not be employed by commercial cultivator or operate, manage, control, or own a commercial cultivator entity.
    • All employees of the organization to which the Conditional Use Permit is issued shall be subject to a background check. Any person who has been convicted of a felony may not be employed by manufacturer.
    • All commercial medical marijuana businesses shall maintain a current register of the names of all employees currently employed by the dispensary and shall disclose such registration for any City officer or authorized official for purposes of determining compliance with local and state medical marijuana employment requirements.

Updates will only be available via Notify Me.  Please remember to set your spam blocker to allow mail from, and add this email address to your contacts.

It is important to note, for clarification purposes, that prospective applicants began lining up in front of City Hall on their own following the application workshop. In order to avoid safety concerns related to a long line that could extend over a significant period of time, City management, on the advice of the police department, dispensed with the line by issuing numbers to maintain the ordering of those individuals in line.

Conditional Use Permit
Environmental Assessment/Initial Study Application
Medical Marijuana Activity Zoning Ordinance Supplemental Application Packet Manufacturing 
Medical Marijuana Activity Zoning Ordinance Supplemental Application Packet Dispensary
Medical Marijuana Activity Zoning Ordinance Supplemental Application Packet Cultivation​​​​

Additional Information:
Sensitive Use Address List  REVISED 08/07/2017

Cultivation and Manufacturing Constraints - Citywide​​ 
Cultivation and Manufacturing Constraints - Zoom​​
Dispensary Location Constraints - Citywide​​    REVISED 08/07/2017
Dispensary Location Constraints - Zoom Area A    REVISED /02/28/2017
Dispensary Location Constraints - Zoom Area B​​    REVISED 08/07/2017
Dispensary Location Constraints - Zoom Area C​    REVISED 02/28/2017
Dispensary Location Constraints - Zoom Area D
Dispensary Location Constraints - Zoom Area E

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