la mesa safe routes

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The City supports several active transportation programs including the Intergenerational Safe Routes to School Program,  Urban Trails, La Mesa Walks!.

Goals include:

  • Develop and cultivate multigenerational interactions
  • Educate students about safe and legal walking and bicycling behaviors
  • Encourage families to walk and bike together
  • Expand community engagement
  • Improve traffic safety and circulation around local schools
  • Increase the number of children who walk and bike to school
  • Reduce air pollution around local schools
  • Support older adults' overall health and wellness

La Mesa's Safe Routes framework includes:

Education - Teaching children and adults about the broad range of transportation choices, teaching them critical lifelong bicycling and walking safety skills.

Encouragement - Using events and activities to promote walking and bicycling and generate enthusiasm for programs.

Engagement - Listening to students, families, educators, and school leaders and working with community organizations to incorporate intentional and ongoing engagement opportunities.

Engineering - Create operational and physical improvements to the infrastructure that reduces speed, potential conflicts with motor vehicle traffic and establish safer and fully accessible crossings, walkways, trails, and bikeways.

Equity - Ensuring that SRTS initiatives benefit all demographic groups, with particular attention to ensure safe, healthy, and fair outcomes for low-income students, including students of all races, genders, students with disabilities, and others.

Evaluation - Assessing which approaches are more or less successful, ensuring that programs and initiatives are supporting equitable outcomes, and identifying unintended consequences or opportunities to improve the effectiveness of each approach.