Animal Noise Complaints

Tips on Resolving Neighborhood Animal Noise Complaints
Have you spoken to your neighbor? Many times a friendly chat is better received than a visit from an Animal Control Officer. Your neighbor may not realize that their dog is being bothersome.

Barking Dog Questionnaire
If you have tried to resolve the problem, but talking to your neighbor is not achieving results, you should turn in a Barking Dog Questionnaire. You can also pick it up at City Hall or the Police Department. The form is extremely helpful to Animal Control as the information you put down helps our officer pinpoint barking problems when talking to the dog owner.

Be Sure of the Address

Make sure you know the address where the dog lives. Animal Control needs to be able to contact the dog owner. A report of barking in a general area makes this virtually impossible. You must be able to see the dog who is barking in order to pursue the resolution. Animal Control will not be able to determine if the problem has been solved.

The Problem With Anonymous Reports
Anonymous reports of barking are hard to resolve. The Animal Control Officer mediates between the dog owner and the citizen who is bothered by the barking. With an anonymous complaint, there is little information to provide to the dog owner to assist them. With no one to check back with, Animal Control will not be able to determine if the problem has been solved.

Persistent Problems
If a barking problem persists, keep in contact with Animal Control. A referral to the National Conflict Resolution Center may be necessary.

Successful Resolution & Active Participation
Successful resolution of a barking dog complaint does require active participation from the complainant. Updating Animal Control on the situation is vital to mediation and resolution. Please be patient during this process.

The National Conflict Resolution Center is a non-profit mediation center that works with neighbors on barking dog issues. Check out the National Conflict Resolution Center website.