Building Division

Effective February 1, 2023, Building inspection requests will only be accepted online via the Building Department's MaintStar Portal. 

There will no longer be an inspection request phone line.

Those who wish to request an inspection must create a MaintStar account using the following link:

The Building Division is responsible for the application and administration of State and local building regulations. These minimum standards are designed to safeguard life, health, property, and the public welfare by regulating the design and construction of all buildings and structures within the City of La Mesa.

The Building Division provides a full range of plan review, permit processing, and code compliance inspection services for all residential and commercial development within the City.

Homeowners and builders are encouraged to seek out more information by contacting the Building Division at 619.667.1176 or visiting the permit counter:

City Hall
8130 Allison Avenue
La Mesa, CA 91942

MaintStar Permit Portal

The City is now accepting applications and plans electronically. Please visit our MaintStar Permit Portal. Once an account is created, you may apply for a permit, submit plans, receive permit invoices, schedule inspections and check permit status all 100% online. 

Customer Survey

The MaintStar Permit Portal now has a survey available for applicants to provide comments and feedback on their experience with the portal, permitting process, and overall customer service. There is easy access to the survey from the homepage of the portal, and a link to the survey is even provided when applicants receive their permit.  

Building Division Forms

  • IB-01 Building Review Submittal Guide 
  • IB-05 Address Request Form 
  • IB- 20 Construction Change to Approve Plans 
  • IB-30 Change of Record 
  • IB-31 Change of Record Form 
  • IB-40 Duplication of Plans Form 
  • Building Permit Application 
  • Building Permit Addendum for Owner-Builders 
  • Building Location Verification (BLV) Survey 
  • BLV Acknowledgment (Must accompany BLV Survey Form) 
  • Re-Roof Permit Application 
  • Special Inspection and Off-Site Fabrication Forms


  • #01 Handout Do I Need a Permit (PDF)
  • #02 Handout Residential Addition (PDF)
  • #03 Handout Residential Remodel or Alter (PDF)
  • #03A Handout Residential ADU (PDF)
  • #04 Handout Residential Submittal Check List (PDF)
  • #05 Handout Residential Re-Roof (PDF)
  • #06 Handout Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Cert (PDF)
  • #07 Handout Residential Windows Change-Out (PDF)
  • #08 Handout Residential Patio Cover (PDF)
  • #09 Handout Bathroom Remodel (PDF)
  • #10 Handout Kitchen Remodel (PDF)
  • #11 Handout Demolition Permit (PDF)
  • #12 Handout Water Heaters (PDF)
  • #13 Handout Electrical Service (PDF)
  • #14 Handout Guide Mech, Elec, Plumb Permit (PDF)
  • #15 Handout Plot Plan (PDF)
  • #16 Handout Residential Pool and Spa (PDF)
  • #17 Handout Demo Pool and Spa (PDF)
  • #18 Handout Blockwalls Fences (PDF)
  • #20 Handout Building Design Criteria (PDF)
  • #21 Handout Building Energy Efficiency (PDF)
  • #22 Handout Commercial Remodel or Alteration (PDF)
  • #23 Handout Commercial Remodel Alte Submittal Checklist (PDF)
  • #24 Handout Accessibility in Exiting Buildings (PDF)
  • #25 Handout CASp Notice (PDF)
  • #26 Handout Unreasonable Hardship Application (PDF)
  • #27 Handout Energy Storage Systems (PDF)
  • #28 Handout EV Charger Commercial (PDF)

Lead Safety

If you are working on homes, schools, or day care centers built before 1978, you must be EPA Lead-Safe Certified.

Visit the County of San Diego Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program to help protect your family from lead poisoning.