Construction Updates

Fiber Optic Communications Project

The Citywide Fiber Optic Communications Project will upgrade a portion of the City’s existing traffic signal interconnect system by replacing outdated fiber optic cables with new state of the art single mode fiber optic cables. The new fiber optic cables will transmit information from existing traffic signal cabinets to the City’s server allowing staff to be able to make adjustments to the traffic signal timing remotely from the City’s server, to improve traffic flow on some of the City’s busiest corridors, and to provide alerts when the traffic signals are not functioning properly. This project received a grant of approximately $900,000 from the Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP).

Inflow & Infiltration Mitigation Project  

This project includes the replacement and rehabilitation of 3,425 feet of existing sewer mains and 22 manholes on Olive Ave, Seneca Pl, Munroe St, Olive Pl, and Eucalyptus Hill.  Construction started in June 2020 and is tentatively scheduled to be completed in October 2020.  

Parkway Dr and Alvarado Rd Trunk Sewer Upgrade Project 

This project includes the replacement and rehabilitation of 4,700 feet of existing trunk sewer and 29 manholes. Included in the project is installation of a new pipe crossing Interstate-8 and rehabilitation of an existing pipe crossing of Interstate-8. The project area includes portion of the Alvarado Road by 70th Street Bus Terminal, Parkway Drive from Mary Fellows Avenue to 7500 Parkway Drive and in easement off of 7500 Parkway drive and the Denny’s restaurant.  Construction is expected to begin in before August 2020 and to last one-year. The City will provide updates of the construction on this bulletin board.  

North Spring Street Pedestrian Improvements

This project will construct the missing sidewalk link from the commercial area north of Interstate 8 to La Mesa Blvd Trolley Station. The scope of the project includes installation of a pedestrian crossing of the trolley tracks at North Spring Street and Interstate 8 on/off ramps and sidewalk along Nebo Drive.   Construction is expected to begin in August 2020 and completed in December 2020.