Water Conservation

With a changing climate, irregular rain patterns, and growing populations, our water resources have been unpredictable year by year. More frequent droughts further limit access to fresh clean water, which means we must all do our part to conserve.  

Conserving water doesn’t have to mean drastic changes. Start with small, simple actions like installing faucet aerators and low-flow shower heads, or checking for leaks in your home or business. These efforts can cut water waste and save you money on your utility bills. The San Diego region has tons of free resources and services available to help you make this transition – take a look and start saving today.

Helix Water District 

If you want to save big on your next water bill be sure to explore the many services and rebates offered by Helix Water District. Helix offers tons of incentives on high efficiency toilets, rain barrels, sprinkler nozzles, and more. Not looking to spend any money? No problem! Check out their DIY resources and start saving today.

The San Diego Water Authority + Water Smart San Diego 

As the regional water agency, the San Diego County Water Authority has tons of free workshops, tools, incentives, and services to help you make water smart choices around your home or business. 

Watering Calculator 

Did you know that up to 70% of residential water use is for landscaping? This means one of the best ways to conserve water is to irrigate efficiently. If you want to learn how to cut costs on irrigation, start with a simple watering calculator to estimate the right amount of water for your garden.

San Diego Water Conservation Garden 

Located in El Cajon, the San Diego Water Conservation Garden offers a wide range of classes and educational programs so residents can create beautiful water-wise gardens. Admission is free, and the Water Conservation Garden offers tons of great services. Water wise landscaping can save you time, money, and resources, while still looking beautiful and inviting, so head out to the Water Conservation Garden today. 

Greywater Systems

Graywater systems save money and conserve water by directly reusing "wastewater" to irrigate plants.