Additional Council Meeting Information

Email Notification
You can also sign up to be notified via email when the most recent Council agenda is posted on this website.

Citizen Participation
The mayor and members of the City Council and city staff cordially welcome you to the meetings. It is the intention of your City Council to be receptive to your concerns about your community. The opinions of the citizens of La Mesa are an important factor in helping the council form policy and direction. Your participation in the meeting will assure a responsible and efficient local government.

All meetings are open to the public with the exception of discussions that pertain to property acquisition, legal, or personnel issues. State law allows these to be handled privately under closed session, and no other issues may be discussed in closed session.

Disabled Assistance
The City of La Mesa encourages the participation of disabled individuals in the services, activities and programs provided by the City. Individuals with disabilities, who require reasonable accommodation in order to participate in the City Council meetings, should contact the city's Americans with Disabilities Coordinator at 619.667.1178.

Addressing the Council

Anyone wishing to address an item on the agenda should complete a Request to Speak card. These cards are located on the table in the back of the Council Chambers. The staff recommendation is listed on the agenda, also located on the table at the back of the Council Chambers.

Please put the number of the agenda item you wish to address in the upper right hand corner of the Request to Speak card. Submit your card to either the City Clerk or the Council Hostess before the beginning of the Council meeting, or before the item is to be considered.

Writing Comments

If you would like to make your views known on an Agenda item but would rather write your comments than speak, please complete a Written Statement card. Written Statement cards are reviewed by the City Council, and your comments will become part of the record. Please submit the completed card to either the City Clerk or the Council Hostess before the beginning of the meeting, or before the item is to be considered.

Speaking Limits
When addressing the City Council, please step to the podium and clearly state your name. There is a time limit of three minutes, unless the mayor has publicly authorized additional time in advance. Groups or organizations should appoint a spokesperson. Please limit your comments to points not made by previous speakers.

Submitting Materials to the Council
Any supporting material you wish to present should be given to the City Clerk before addressing the council. Any materials submitted during a public hearing will become part of the public record and cannot be returned. You may submit materials to the City Clerk's office one week before a Tuesday Council meeting for distribution in advance. This will allow Council members additional time to review the information presented.

Citizens who wish to make an audio/visual presentation pertaining to an item on the agenda, or during Public Comments, should contact the City Clerk's office at 619.667.1120, no later than 12:00 noon, one business day prior to the start of the meeting. Advance notification will ensure compatability with City equipment and allow Council meeting presentations to progress smoothly and in a consistent and equitable manner. Please note that all presentations/digital materials are considered part of the maximum time limit provided to speakers.

If you have any questions regarding copies or the procedures, call the City Clerk's Office at 619.667.1120.

Council Voting
An electronic voting system is used by the City Council. After all votes have been cast, the City Clerk activates the voting system and all votes appear simultaneously for the council and public to view. A green light indicates a "Yes" vote and a red light a "No" vote. Abstentions are indicated by a white light.

Public Comments
This portion of the meeting is set aside to give the public an opportunity to speak on any city-related item that does not appear on the agenda. State law prohibits the City Council from taking action or engaging in discussions on items not listed on the agenda. Your comments will be referred to staff or put on the next agenda, or both, as determined by the council. If an item is placed on a future agenda, you will receive notice of the date and time of the meeting, and a copy of the staff report will be available for your review prior to the meeting.

Should you wish to have an item scheduled on a future agenda, please contact the City Clerk's Office at 619.667.1120.

Consent Calendar

The consent calendar is a grouping of routine matters to be approved in one motion. These items will receive no separate discussion unless requested by a member of the public, staff or a Council member. If you wish to discuss any item listed under consent calendar, you may request that the item be removed from the consent calendar for separate discussion by submitting a Request to Speak or Written Statement card prior to Council consideration of the consent calendar. The item will then be heard immediately following approval of the remaining consent calendar items.

Public Hearings
A public hearing is an open consideration during a regular Council meeting for which special notice has been given. Public hearings are open to everyone and follow established procedures, which will be explained by the Mayor. A public hearing may, by a majority vote of the Council, be continued to another specific date and time.

Staff Reports
Items listed under Staff Reports receive separate discussion by the Council. The public may request to speak on an item by submitting a Request to Speak card prior to the time the item is considered. Written Statement cards may also be submitted.