Community Opinion Survey

Biennial Survey

Every two years La Mesa residents are surveyed to ascertain their use of and satisfaction with city services as well as to determine priorities for their neighborhoods and the city. Survey results provide a framework for guiding the organization’s work efforts and are used by the City Council to help shape city budget priorities. The city utilizes a statistically valid telephone or online survey of randomly selected residents to acquire this data.

2023 Survey

The City continues to contract with True North Research to conduct the Community Opinion Survey. For the 2023 survey, 1,069 households were randomly selected using a combination of emailed and text invitations. Most of the questions asked in the 2023 survey were tracked directly from the 2021, 2019, 2017, 2015, 2013, and 2011 surveys to allow the city to analyze its performance over time.

The 2023 survey showed that 73% of residents rated the quality of life in La Mesa as excellent or good. Overall, 71% of residents surveyed indicated that they were satisfied with the City’s performance in providing municipal services. With regard to customer service, 85% of residents who had interacted with City staff in the prior twelve months rated staff as professional, responsive, and helpful.

When residents were asked what they felt the City could do to improve the quality of life, their top priorities were addressing homeless issues, improving and repairing roads, limiting growth and development, and increasing public safety.

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