How The Map Was Created

The Review Process
The Sidewalk Map was created using the following steps:
  1. We mapped the existing sidewalks (blue lines).
  2. We located pedestrian generators. These are places that were likely to create pedestrian trips either to or from them. The following is a list of  pedestrian generators that were mapped: trolley station, bus stops, parks or recreation centers, schools, the civic center, hospitals, retail businesses, and retirement homes.
  3. We drew ¼ mile circles around the pedestrian generators. Most people can walk a ¼ in less than five minutes. All of these circles were colored tan and covered almost the entire city.
  4. We made the assumption that every street within a ¼ mile from a pedestrian generator (the tan area) should have sidewalks and we added red lines to those streets.
  5. We needed to remove those streets where there were significant barriers to sidewalk construction, or we had received feedback that the residents did not want sidewalks. We identified the hillside areas of the city by cross hatching them on the map and we changed any of the red lines in these areas to yellow, to indicate that no sidewalks were proposed for these streets.