Business Licenses

Business Licenses in La Mesa - Applications 

Doing business in the city is defined as being located in or entering into the city to conduct business with the intent of being paid. This includes businesses based in other cities that enter La Mesa as part of their work such as contractors and delivery companies. It also includes businesses that are located here but may not have customers in La Mesa. Having a presence, even temporarily, in La Mesa requires a business license. 

See below for applications.

Per La Mesa Municipal Code Section 6.04, anyone doing business in the City of La Mesa must have a Business License issued by the City of La Mesa. This includes:

  • All in city businesses (commercial or industrial zoned businesses) with a La Mesa address 91942 and most of 91941 zip code locations. Business professionals please review 06.08.040 for fees. Business licenses are not transferable.
  • Home Occupation application is for businesses working out of their home. All home occupation businesses need to come into city hall for planning review and approval. (91942 and most of 91941 zip code locations). Appointment not required. If you have questions regarding your home occupation application, please contact Planning at 619-667-1177.
  • Out-of-City business license is for most businesses based outside of the City of La Mesa. This includes contractors, delivery and service-based businesses outside La Mesa that come into the city to do business. 
  • Independent contractor (someone paid on a 1099 basis, not as a W-2 employee) are required to have a business license. Please make sure to add what type of work you are doing in the description section of the application. 
  • Salon booth rentals Please add all services being done in the description area. If left blank (no write-in) application will be returned. Please select this application if you are renting a booth from the owner of the salon. If you are a salon owner, please fill out the in city business application.
  • Massage Technicians (CAMTC certification required). If not certified, additional fees apply. $320.00 investigation fee plus business license fees.  
  • Holistic Health Practitioner Applicant must have 1000+ hours of education. (Transcripts are required with application). 
  • Farmer’s Market (La Mesa Blvd & Grossmont Center locations). Please contact Brian’s Farmers’ Market for vendor information and pre-approval to sell at location. website Please contact Grossmont Center Farmers’ Market for vendor information and pre-approval to sell at location. website

Business License Renewals

Businesses who already have an existing license with the City of La Mesa can now renew online.  Please click on the following button. Processing fees apply.


Business License Lists

Business license listings are updated monthly and are available through the following: