Crime Prevention Videos

Partners in Preventing Crime
The La Mesa Police Department has partnered with The Visual Artist Company to create two short videos for the residents and businesses of La Mesa. These videos were produced with the intention of making everyone aware of crime prevention tactics that should be practiced on a daily basis. The videos are available in DVD format at the La Mesa Police Department. Otherwise, the entire videos may be viewed here. The videos have been broken up into segments for shorter loading times and easier viewing.

Crime Prevention Video for Residents
  • Intro & 9-1-1 Section - This segment stresses the importance of using the proper phone number to reach the police department. It is also an introduction to the Communications Center, where both 9-1-1 calls and non-emergency calls are received. View the Intro and 9-1-1 videos.
  • Residential Security - This portion meticulously shows how a home should be secured properly. View the Residential Security and Neighborhood Watch videos.
  • Vehicle Security - Thieves beware! After watching this segment, you will know when, where, why, and how to secure your vehicle. View the Vehicle Security video.
  • Personal Safety - In this high-tech, busy society we live in, it is easy to forget general safety practices. Watch this segment as a reminder. View the Personal Safety video.
The La Mesa Police Department would like to thank San Diego East County Chamber of Commerce, EDCO Disposal, Rotary of La Mesa, La Mesa Chamber of Commerce, La Mesa Village Merchant's Association, La Mesa Lions, North Island Credit Union, Hooley's, Automobile Club of Southern California, Collier Enterprises, Sharp Grossmont Hospital, Lucas and Mercier Development, Inc., and Serramar Development Model Homes for their generous support and for making this Crime Prevention Video for Residents possible.

Crime Prevention Video for Businesses
  • Introduction to Commercial Security - In this segment, La Mesa Police Department's Chief explains the importance of protecting your business. View the Intro.
  • Protecting Your Business Against Burglary - Reduce the opportunity for crooks to break into your businesses by following a few simple tips. View Protecting Business Against Burglary video.
  • Commercial Vehicle Security - Commercial vehicles are not exempt from burglary. Learn ways to protect your valuable vehicle. View Vehicle Security video.
  • Cash and Credit Card Fraud - By knowing what to look for, you can prevent fraudulent exchanges. View Cash and Credit Card Fraud video.
  • Shoplifting and Internal Theft Prevention - This is an in-depth look at the tactics frequently used by shoplifters. This segment also warns you about theft facilitated by your own employees. View Shoplifting and Theft Prevention video.
  • Robbery - All businesses are at risk for robbery. The most important thing to remember is that the safety of you and your employees should always come first. View Robbery video.
The La Mesa Police Department would like to thank Homeland Florist, SDA Security, United States Secret Service, La Mesa Lumber, Mr. D's, Mark and Yung Negri of 7-11, and the La Mesa Merchant's Association for their generous support and for making this video possible.