Residential Recycling

Coming Soon!

Commingled organics recycling will be coming in January 2021, meaning that residents will be able to place food scrapes, such as egg shells, veggie trimmings, bread, spoiled food, food soiled paper products, - and many other items, into the green EDCO bin at your home. 

Continue to use green bins for landscaping until further notice. Take advantage of La Mesa’s compost bin voucher program and start composting your food scraps at home!

Composting Information and Benefits

Composting is the controlled, natural decomposition of organic matter. Organisms break down organic materials into compost, a nutrient-rich soil amendment that improves the health and efficiency of your garden ecosystem from the ground up. 

Composting has many benefits for you and the environment:Compost2

  • Soil: Benefits your yard and garden by improving soil health and fertility, which increases plants’ resilience to pests, disease, and other environmental stressors.
  • Water: Helps soil hold more moisture, minimizing erosion, runoff and nutrient loss, and reducing the need for frequent watering.
  • Recycle: Diverts valuable organic resources from becoming hazardous materials in the landfill, and encourages natural nutrient cycling.
  • Money: Saves money by conserving water and replacing the need to purchase commercial fertilizers and soil amendments. 

Composting can be practiced almost your backyard, at work or at school, even in an apartment! All you need to get started is a little bit of space, the basic ingredients, and an understanding of the process.

Get Started Today

If you’re new to composting, or an experienced gardener who just needs a refresher, check out upcoming Compost Workshops at the Solana Center. You can also explore their Compost it Yourself Guide for all of the tips to get started today.

Discount Backyard Composting Bins Available

The City of La Mesa, in partnership with Dixieline ProBuild, offers vouchers for $40 off select compost bins at the La Mesa store. Vouchers are limited and available to City of La Mesa residents only on a first come, first served basis. Vouchers will be emailed within two to four weeks. Please complete this online form in order to qualify.

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