Sales Tax/Proposition L

Sales Tax Changes Became Effective April 1, 2009

During the 2008 November election, voters of the City of La Mesa approved Proposition L - La Mesa Vital City Services Measure, a three-quarter percent sales and use tax. Revenue from Proposition L (3/4%) will remain in La Mesa to continue providing vital city services. Of the overall state sales tax, only 1% is returned to La Mesa to support municipal services.

Together with Proposition L, La Mesa's share of sales tax is 1¾%. Revenue from Proposition L began flowing to the city in June 2009 and is being used to maintain vital city services, including public safety, parks and recreation services, street maintenance, and other services.

As of January 1, 2017, when combined with other state taxes, the current sales tax rate for La Mesa is now 8.5%.

Taxable Items

Sales and use tax must be charged on the sale of all tangible personal property that is delivered or placed into use within La Mesa city limits, and does not apply to medical prescriptions and most groceries purchased for home preparation. For more information about sales and use tax exemptions please refer to the State Board of Equalization publications listed below.

Proposition L

View Proposition L and the guiding principles approved by the City Council in placing this measure before the community.

View the Proposition L Vital City Services benchmarks and summary of future financial challenges provide an additional tool for monitoring the City's vital services and the funding sources needed to maintain those vital services.

Street Address Listing

If you live within a La Mesa zip code, 91941 or 91942, and want to confirm that your address is in the city, or if you are a business and want to check whether an address is within city limits, you may view the City of La Mesa Street Address Listing.

Sales Tax Updates

CA Board of Equalization

The following Board of Equalization publications relate to district taxes (Sales & Use Taxes):  

For additional information, contact the California Board of Equalization at 800.400.7115. If you are a seller or a purchaser, and need information about this new tax, contact the Local Revenue Allocation Unit at 916.324.3000.