Spring Street Improvements

TrolleyImproving the Spring Street Trolley
City traffic engineers invested a significant amount of time trying to improve operation of the traffic signals on Spring Street. Spring Street presents a unique problem because the trolley affects the operation of five signals. The trolley takes precedence over all other traffic operations (which is probably a good thing because no one wants to have a conflict with a trolley). The trolley limits the ability to coordinate the signals on Spring Street.

Minimizing Trolly Interruptions

Another improvement installed to the Spring Street signals to help with the trolley interruptions was a special left-turn sequence. The northbound left-turn phase will always be serviced following a trolley pre-emption. One of the big complaints staff was constantly receiving from citizens was that the trolley would cut short the northbound left-turns and then people would be stranded a full signal cycle before being able to make this movement. This would often back-up the cars turning left and affect through traffic as well.

Northbound left-turn traffic on Spring Street no longer has to wait a full signal cycle to be served. During the hours specified, they will go first following a trolley pre-emption. Based on our observations this has significantly improved traffic flow through Spring Street.

Our Commitment to You
These are some of the things staff has been working on to improve traffic flow in La Mesa. We have been listening to your input and will continue to do so.