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Compost Bin Voucher Program

  1. The City of La Mesa, in partnership with Dixieline ProBuild, is offering coupons for $40.00 off select compost bins at the La Mesa store. Coupons may become limited and are available to City of La Mesa residents only on a first-come, first-served basis. Coupons will be e-mailed or mailed within 2 weeks. Please provide the following information in order to qualify.
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  5. The Soil Saver Composter has a classic design that will make composting easy. Made of 1/4" thick recycled polyethylene it is built to last and hold the heat to create the best environment for quality compost. The design features a lid with self-watering holes that latch into place and two sliding access doors to get at your fresh compost. This well-ventilated system will maintain proper temperature and aerobic conditions while keeping critters out!
  6. The Soil Saver Composter
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