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KidzWatch Academy 2023

  1. Enrollment Form
  2. Children are the eyes and ears of our communities. They see and know much more than most adults realize, yet they are often overlooked. Children must feel safe in their homes and communities in order to grow up to become strong, confident and successful adults. The La Mesa Police Department’s KIDZWATCH Academy helps empower today’s child to become tomorrow’s successful adult. Children, along with their parents, attend a series of 6 weekly classes and learn the following topics at the KIDZWATCH Academy: How to be more observant of their surroundings, enabling them to become safer individuals; identifying potentially hazardous situations and dangerous people; how to use 9-1-1 and report accurate information; how to handle fire emergencies; nature awareness; importance of water safety.
  3. I would like my child to attend the La Mesa Police Department KidzWatch Academy. I understand that my child needs to attend ALL six classes in order to graduate from the program. I understand that I need to attend all classes with my child. I understand that portions of this program require hands-on skills training and I will not hold the City of La Mesa or the La Mesa Police Department or any participating organization or program liable for any injury that myself or my child incur during the course of this program. I have read and completely understand the above information.
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